Some legends

Saint Remacle and the wolf

-	Petite plaque en métal, sculptée et peinte, adossée à un mur du centre de Stavelot ; on y voit Saint Remacle accompagné de son loup.

To help build his monastery, Saint Remacle was accompanied by a donkey that served as a pack animal. During one of his trips to the quarry to load stones, the donkey was attacked by one of these fierce wolves, very common in the Ardennes forest.

Remacle condemns this animal to replace the donkey and to now wear the stones himself. Hence the presence of this wolf on all the coats of arms of the abbey and today still on those of the City.

the devil's stone

Gros rocher au cœur d’une forêt située sur les hauteurs de Stavelot.

Satan will not stop until he destroys the work begun by Remacle ... Remacle was warned by an angel of the infamous project of the devil to throw a huge stone onto the abbey. Dressed as a simple monk and hidden under a hood, he then went to meet the evil one with a bag filled with old shoes. The devil, who is carrying a heavy stone, asks him if the abbey is still far. "And how!” he replies. "Here are all the shoes I've worn since I left Stavelot!" Discouraged, the devil drops the stone and runs away. The stone is still there!


Pré Saint-Lambert

Gros rocher au cœur d’une forêt située sur les hauteurs de Stavelot.Colonne en pierre surmontée d’une croix au milieu d’un pré à côté de l’abbaye ; en souvenir du passage du saint évêque à Stavelot et de la légende qui s’y rattache.A victim of infighting, Lambert (bishop of Tongeren and Maastricht) - future bishop of Liège - is driven from his episcopal throne and takes refuge in the Abbey of Stavelot. He follows scrupulously and humbly the monastic rule. But one winter's night, through clumsiness, Lambert makes a noise in the dormitory and wakes Saint Remacle and his monks. The abbot immediately ordered him to do penitence at the foot of the cross in a meadow to the east of the buildings. Obediently, Lambert goes there to pray. But a miracle takes place saving the bishop from the snow that falls in abundance all around. A very beautiful painting by Bertholet Flémal (1614-1675) at the Lille Museum illustrates this legend.