Francorchamps Racetrack

« The most beautiful racetrack in the world »

It is one of the largest sports and tourist attractions in Belgium.

An exceptional green setting, a racetrack with original curves and a rich history of sporting and emotional events founded the legend of the Francorchamps racetrack.

Located in the municipality of Stavelot, in the Eau Rouge valley, the Francorchamps racetrack is surrounded by nature.

The Racetrack Museum, located at the Abbey of Stavelot, evokes its past, but also the present. Prestigious vehicles, cars and motorcycles, numerous documents, photos ... A unique museum to discover!

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The Francorchamps racetrack is the cradle of motor sports in Belgium.
In 1921, a first motorcycle race, a first grand prix for cars in 1922 and the first 24 hour car race in 1924.
Many races were then held there: cars, motorcycles, pure speed or endurance ... The racetrack was then + - 15 km.
In 1939, the realisation of the mythical Raidillon curve gave international recognition to the racetrack.
In 1979, a shorter (+ - 7 km) and more secure track allowed the return of Formula 1 a few years later, in 1983.
Given the growing number of days of activity, the racetrack became permanent - and therefore closed to traffic - in the early 2000s.

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