Picnic areas

LA PLAGE (the beach)

A beautiful nature site on the edge of the Amblève ... From the Belle Epoque until the 60s and 70s, it created the beautiful days of the people of Stavelot and tourists ... Today, it is has been reborn into a beautiful relaxation and barbecue area!





barrage lac coo stavelot

At the edge of the Coo dam. Some tables and benches and a barbecue grill are waiting for you permanently. 

On the edge of the Amblève, not far from Val de la Cascade. Some tables and benches.


vallee roannay francorchamps stavelot In the forest and close to the peaceful Roannay valley. Some tables and benches and a grill.





For the greatest respect of the other users, but also of our beautiful nature, the OT and SI of Stavelot, Coo and Francorchamps and the owners insist that these places stay clean!