• Governor's decree to fight against the risk of fire

    16 August 2018

    Campfires are prohibitedand any handling of fire both in forest area and outside the forest areas, the use of weeders heat or similar are also prohibited. Barbecues at private homes are allowed with the respect of the elementary rules of caution. For now, these measure... Read more

  • Pont d'Amblève de Stavelot © WBT D. Samyn

    Works to embellish our town!

    12 June 2017

    Various works are in progress, among others near the bridge of the Amblève river and the Square of 18 December.To keep you informed, please consult the City of Stavelot website (in French), or contact our Tourist Information Office.   Read more

  • La saison de la chasse

    Fichier PDF  Read more