The ponds

Un pêcheur sur le bord des étangs de Stavelot ; verdure et buisson se reflètent dans l’eau.

Dug by the ancient meandering of the Amblève, these basins are fed by runoff water and many other sources. Modified by the monks, the ponds then served as fishponds to the abbey. Later, impressive tannery buildings, now missing, settled on their banks. Today, large poplars welcome you at the entrance of the site and, on both sides of the two ponds, reed beds offer many birds and other small animals hiding places and shelters, nesting places or escape holes when a predator is around.

The aquatic fauna is also very rich and varied. This peaceful place, now classified as a Nature Reserve, is a superb place for relaxation and is a delight for fishermen and walkers in search of peace and quiet ...